Rental Applicants: All adults to be resideing on the property are required to submit a completad rental application and a current credit report from any reputable company. Reports can be proccessed by Del Norte Realty at a cost of $30 each. Fees are non-refundable. All applications must also include proof of identification and documentation of income.

Security deposits vary depending upon applicants credit history, income, and referances, but will be a minumum of one months rent and a max of two months rent. Pet approval and HUD eligibility varies depending upon the property. There is no indoor smoking allowed at any of our properties. We do not allow prop 215 marijuana cultivation.

We have two main requirments, that the rent is paid on time and that the property is kept clean and free of debris. Del Norte Realty will not accept any excuses for not keeping the property in good condition. In return, we will do our best to provide a decent and safe place to live. If rent is paid late without prior arrangments, late fees will be assessed.

Del Norte Realty does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religon, sex, sexual preferance, martial status, national orgin, ancestry, age, familial status, or disability. Questions or concerns please contact the office.

Rental Application